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Mini DVD Transfer

We professionally transfer mini DVD's, that have been recorded in DVD camcorders, to high quality digital format files or full size DVD's.

We can also convert regular full size DVD's that have been recorded on a DVD recorder.

Mini DVD's can be single or double sided, recorded in short or long play, and will be either in the DVD-R or DVD-RW format.

We are usually able to convert the discs, even if they have not been finalized on the camcorder or DVD recorder.

All our video disc recovery and transfer procedures are undertaken in-house at our studios by true film enthusiasts.

For over 30 years we have been pleased to serve thousands of satisfied customers with our high quality personal service and competitive pricing.

Let us transfer your camcorder discs to DVD or computer files, and preserve your precious memories for all to enjoy again.

Mini DVD to Computer Files

The files will be ready to view on your Windows or MAC computer. Each mini DVD will be saved as an individual file, which can then be imported into your computers editing software. This will enable you to create your own DVD or Blu Ray disc presentation.

We can convert all recorded DVD's, from a camcorder or DVD recorder, to computer files including AVI, Quicktime (MOV) and MP4.

The digital video files require approximately 13 Gigabyte of storage space per hour, and we usually need to supply the video on an external hard disc drive. The drive is easy to use, by simply plugging it into a USB socket on your computer. We can supply the hard drive, or you can provide your own.

mini DVD to Full Size DVD

The new full size DVD will be ready and compatible to watch on your DVD player, Blu Ray player or computer.

mini DVD to Blu Ray Disc

We can transfer mini DVD's and full size DVD's to Blu Ray video discs.

A great advantage of archiving your video recordings on Blu Ray is it's potential storage capacity. Each Blu Ray disc can accomodate up to approximately 12 hours of standard definition video.

Several DVD's can be saved on to a Blu Ray, with a navigation menu to select which video recording to watch..

When viewing the Blu Ray disc on a HD television, the standard definition recordings will be upscaled by the Blu Ray player to high definition.

DVD and Mini DVD Recovery

Recordable DVD's must be finalized on the camcorder or DVD recorder that they were recorded on before they can be accessed or played on any other machine.

Unfortunately, if the finalising process is interuppted before completing, for example in a power failure, then the disc will become corrupted, and the recordings on it inaccessible.

Many recorded DVD's, often containing precious memories, are left unfinalised, and the equipment that they were recorded on no longer works or has been disposed of.

We can however, usually recover the recordings from an unfinalised or otherwise corrupted DVD disc, and then create a new playable DVD or high quality digital format file from it.

Competitive Prices

Price to convert each of your mini camcorder DVD's (single sided) or full size DVD's is only £15.00.

Double sided DVD's are £25.00.

Where a DVD is unfinalised or otherwise corrupted, additional price to recover the recording starts from £15.00.

About Us

We are proud to offer you our premium video transfer service.

With over 35 years experience of video tape restoration and conversion, our family business was born out of a passion for vintage film and tape formats, and the equipment that was used to create and play them.

We have been copying VHS and Betamax video tapes since these formats first became available in the 70's, and we were one of the first companies to offer a video to dvd transfer service as soon as recordable dvd's became available. We believe you are unlikely to find anyone who has restored and converted more video tapes than us!

Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds over the years, and we have always invested in the latest technology to ensure our customers receive the highest quality video transfer possible.

Handling and working with delicate video media demands experience, patience and care. All our video recovery and conversion procedures are carefully performed by us 'in house' at our studios.

With our commitment for providing a professional quality service, you can be assured that your priceless recorded DVD's are in safe hands. We know you will be delighted by the results.

Serving customers across the UK and locally including - Swanage, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Dorchester,
Isle of Wight, Poole, Southampton, Wareham, Weymouth, in counties of Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire..
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