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Cine Film

Cine Film Cleaning

Your film may benefit from being cleaned and lubricated prior to transfer. This is particularly the case the older it is, or if it has been stored in unsuitable conditions. Cleaning can help remove mould, dirt and dust, resulting in a clearer and brighter image, as well as improve sound quality. Cleaning can also reduce the appearance of lighter scratches.

The film cleaning and lubricating process is carefully performed by hand, and will be implemented as required.

Cine Film Repair

We will repair breaks and poor or failing splices as required during the film transfer process. Leader film will be spliced onto the film when it is missing or too short.

Cine Film Deterioration

We are seeing more and more film that has started to deteriorate. Cine (Acetate) film is susceptible to a hydrolysis reaction commonly called 'Vinegar Syndrome'. Once begun, this reaction is self-catalyzing and the decay cannot be stopped or reversed. The film stock will begin to shrink and sometimes twist, causing separation from the (non-shrinking) emulsion, and it will eventually become "un-projectable''. Film in this condition will start to give off a strong smell of vinegar. It is crucial to digitize film in this condition and preserve it as soon as possible.

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